There is no doubt right now that a lot of us are starting to wind down for the Christmas break, celebrating the year that has been, enjoying all the yummy food (I have eaten my body weight of Forrero Rochers already) and looking forward to spending time with family and loved ones. It really is an exciting and happy time.

Fast forward to the first week of January. Our bellies are full, hangovers are subsiding and nearing the end of the holiday season. For some of us it is an easy transition back into the working routine. For others, it can seem like a challenging task and some may find themselves suffering from the potential return to work blues.

With a little thought, you can combat these and kick start the year with a bang. Here are my tips on how to go about it:

Be planned.

Before you finish for the year set some appointments or client meetings for the first few weeks back. Prepare your diary and have a to do list written. That way you are right into it from day one rather than having a slow start to the year. You can lose a few weeks of productivity when you return if you aren’t prepared. Trust me I have been there and it’s not good!

Know your goals.

Have clear goals and KPI’s set before you return and know exactly what you want to achieve for the year. These can be both professional and personal goals. Know what the lead and lag indicators need to be and be ruthless at achieving them from the moment you return.

Prepare your mindset.

Start to mentally prepare yourself to step back into the work routine a few days beforehand. Dust of your work shoes, get your clothes ironed and prepare yourself for school lunches again. Do your groceries, book yourself into the gym class and plan your schedule whatever that might look like for you. 

Rejuvenate yourself.

Use your break wisely and enjoy some downtime. I know we all love to jam pack our holidays full of exciting activities however spending a few days relaxing and recharging will help you to not start day one feeling like you need a holiday just from being on holidays!

Get on top of your inbox.

Tackle some of your emails early on so they are a little less overwhelming when you first log back in. A couple of days before day one, skim through them and delete anything you don’t need to action.

Forward plan your next holiday/annual leave.

Having your next holiday planned or booked will ensure you have something to look forward to. Get stuck into work knowing your next break isn’t too far away.

I know personally I am really looking forward to rolling into the 2022 working year. My goals are set and I am ready. But for now, let’s continue to enjoy heading into the holiday season and give yourself a pat on the back for all you achieved for the year.

Merry Christmas to everyone and your families. Thanks for another year of continued support and here is to a very successful year ahead!

Mikahla Smith
Executive Consultant – Group Solutions
Accredited GeneSys Psychometric Assessor

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