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I’ve worked with Alicia for nearly 20 years. 

Alicia is one of those unique people who can energise a room, the second she walks in.  She has an aura that screams “C’mon let’s go!”

Her capacity to make you feel like a million dollars is second to none, because when you speak with her, you are the most important person in the room.  Over nearly two decades, I’ve seen Alicia ride the rollercoaster of life experiences… the happy, the devastating, the scary, the fun, the frustrating and the successful.  Through all of this she’s somehow managed to keep her positively infectious energy levels consistently high. 

Saying yes despite the unfamiliar

Last year was the best year I’ve ever seen from Alicia at work.  This was validated when she won our Team Member of the Year Award.   

In my opinion, she won largely because she said “yes” to everything thrown her way.  In doing so, she inspired those around her.

Earlier in the year, we acquired another recruitment firm.  Brad our MD asked Alicia if she’d be interested in leading the transition and integration.  “Yes”, Alicia replied.  She’d never done this before, yet she didn’t hesitate.  She threw herself into an unfamiliar situation and worked it out as she went.  In doing so, she led a new Consultant who fed off Alicia’s energy, positivity and confidence and supported her aptly.  She embraced the additional responsibilities, including learning new processes and systems, working with a new team, and meeting new clients.  She did all of this without complaint.  The phrase, “I didn’t sign up for this” does not exist in her lexicon. 

Saying yes despite initial hesitation

2021 was an incredible year for us.  If 2020 was all about business survival during the early stages of Covid-19, in a period of hiring stagnation, last year was about growth and opportunity. 

High demand for our recruitment services led us to hire more Consultants.  However, we had a shortage of leaders who could take on additional staff management responsibilities.  Once again, Alicia was asked and despite initial hesitation (as she didn’t want to lose focus on her clients), she once again said “yes”.  This showed true selflessness. 

She now leads a team of four and has she’s discovered she is quite a natural when it comes to leading others.

Saying yes to having fun

At the time of writing, Alicia is on annual leave.  I can guarantee, she is saying “yes” to any opportunity to relax and have fun whilst on her break.  And deservedly so. 

Congratulations on a brilliant 2021 Alicia and thank you for saying “yes”.  Good luck for the year ahead.

General Manager – Recruitment

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