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12 years – The career I never saw coming

This time, last month, I celebrated my 12-year anniversary working with Optimum Consulting Group. Gosh, I still remember my first day like it was yesterday. I was green, and I had no idea that I was entering an organisation or an industry that would soon become a long-term career. It was a career I never

winter is coming

Winter Is Coming

I was a late convert to the juggernaut that was “Game of Thrones”. To be brutally honest, I only binge watched the series so I could join in on some of the conversations in the office but, like everyone, I was soon hooked and became a fan. From season one to the final season, the

How to Build Resilience – A Key to a Changing Work Environment

Resilience is a confidence builder and a vital personal and business tool that can help to overcome workplace and personal change. See some key steps and tips for developing and nurturing resilience for yourself and your team. Among many things in the world, and especially of late, business is forever shifting shape and feel. From

Diversity and Inclusion are More than Just Buzz Words

When we hear the word “diversity” we think of race or maybe culture or perhaps even gender quotas. Of course, when speaking about diversity; ethnicity, race and culture are key aspects. However in saying that, diversity is much broader. Diversity and inclusion are definitely buzz words that I’m sure a lot of us have heard

Are psychometric assessments really that important?

In short, heck yeah. Now more than ever. Psychometric assessments have often been underrated, undervalued and quite underestimated. The sheer power of insight they provide can steer an individual to an enhanced state of consciousness, to be truly self-aware and hopefully to harness the insight towards personal and professional development. The insight for an employer