How to improve focus and increase productivity

Focus is how we pay attention or concentrate on a particular task. It plays such a large part in our day to day success, not only in the workplace but in our everyday lives, but not talked about nearly as often as it should be. 

Over the last few years, I have really had to focus and carry out tasks in an efficient manner to achieve all that I need to. I can see over my working years when I have been successful and a lot of this is due to focus. I think I have finally found how to maximise my productivity with the help of being focussed:

Here are some basic tips that I have found to be very valuable:

1. A clear mind will help you to focus

When you are clear headed, you have the clarity to make good decisions. Getting a good night’s sleep, exercise, staying hydrated and fresh air all help with this.

2. Focus on what really matters and what will achieve the desired outcomes – everything else really is “white noise’ and excuses getting in the way

3. Write a to do list and prioritise tasks

This one is key. Each night before you leave work for the day, write a list of tasks that must be completed – non-negotiable. When you can sit at the end of the day and mark all things off, it will help you to feel satisfied and hitting your goals

4. Being focussed builds greater efficiency – the more focussed you are, the more efficient you can work

5. Hold yourself accountable – can you sit back and look in the mirror knowing you have worked hard to achieve your daily tasks? 

6. Focus leading to great results increases confidence – the more you focus, the greater the efficiency and the better your results will be

And lastly, be kind to yourself and focus on one thing at a time. Having the focus and concentration on one task at a time makes everything more manageable and achievable.

If you can master the ability to focus, this will be a powerful tool to help you work effectively and achieve your goals. 

Divisional Manager

As an ex-Accountant by trade, Marianne started her career in recruitment, initially working for Hays in their accounting support division. Over time, she worked her way up to Accounting Manager, looking after a growing team of consultants, specialising in the placement of temporary and permanent staff in commerce and industry within the accounting and office support areas.

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