IT Recruitment Tips – Garnering talented IT professionals’ interest, can sometimes be a discouraging task. Finding the right candidates for any position requires patience and a direct, carefully planned approach. This challenge is intensified when looking for specialised candidates such as those that work in IT. 

As nearly every industry worldwide has been forced to migrate their operations online, the need for virtual aficionados is skyrocketing. A recent survey found that nearly 80% of a company’s interactions have moved to digital channels within the past six months. With this increase comes a growing demand for more workers who can quickly and effectively troubleshoot technical issues and safeguard client-to-business communications from digital disasters. 

You may be one of those companies now needing to beef up their IT department, but are frozen trying to determine the soundest approach for hiring the best candidates. Outlined below are some IT recruitment tips, bringing you one step closer on your hunt for skilled tech talent. 

IT Recruitment Tip #1 – Revise Your Job Posting 

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It is tempting to saturate your job posting with the ideal candidate’s needs and wants, outlining the specific day-to-day tasks they must accomplish or the required experience necessary to complete the job. If you are explicit with your wants and highlight only what the candidate must provide your company, you may be inadvertently deterring the most talented IT workers from applying.  

The remedy is in the revision. Revise your job posting so that it not only outlines what the potential employee must provide you, but what you will provide them. Underscore the benefits of working at your company and emphasise what is unique about your workplace. As the demand for IT workers is high, these workers want to find an employer that stands out amongst the rest, so don’t be afraid to boast about company perks and emphasise your employee dedication.

IT Recruitment Tip #2 – Prioritize Non-Technical Experience 

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When hiring IT professionals, the candidate must have the right expertise and training, but you should be looking past this at how well they communicate. An IT professional needs to accurately convey information and translate technical language into comprehensible data, especially when interacting with non-technical employees or clients. 

 The best way to assess their communications is through the interview process. Prepare questions that require the applicant to expand on relevant life experiences, showing you their interpersonal skills outside the technical field. 

 IT Recruitment Tip #3 – Get Recruitment Support 

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When in need of more IT staff, sometimes the best step forward is to employ recruitment support. Hiring a recruitment agency with experience recruiting IT professionals prevents you from wasting valuable business hours while simultaneously guaranteeing a stellar candidate.  

Technical recruiters know what qualities to look for, what questions to ask, and how to filter through stacks of prospects expertly. As their experience requires knowledge of the job-seeker market, they may already have the perfect candidate in mind. 

The Optimum Consulting team understands the complexities of tech recruiting and stays on top of emerging digital trends. Contact us today to secure top IT talent.  

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