Ways on How to Get Out of a Difficult Situation

Ways on How to Get Out of a Difficult Situation

Sometimes we find ourselves in a ‘low’ or feel like we have been treading water for long periods of time. I know I have experienced both feelings in the past. It is all a mental game. There will always be outside noise and circumstances that can affect our performance, but it doesn’t have to.

Drop your fear of negative emotions

It is a proven fact that individuals work better when they have goals put in place. A trigger in the brain lets loose and we become stuck on making that goal a reality. That can be in the workplace or in day-to-day life. Negativity is something everyone experiences but it is those individuals who push forward that see the results.

Work ethic

This trait is purely up to the individual that decides on where they would like to be. In recruitment and consulting this trait is a necessity. How hard one works determines how successful one becomes. Showing up every single day with a positive attitude shines. This will not only bring yourself up but your fellow colleagues as well.

Finding a WIN in every LOSS

This is a big one. We will always have setbacks in the workplace and in life, but how you respond will determine your outcome. It can be that a candidate accepts another offer at the final stages, or a client pulls the pin at that drop of a hat. These things do happen, and will happen, but finding a positive in a negative situation will help you on your path in more ways than one going forward.


In this industry, we deal with people day in day out and it can be hard to know how someone is truly feeling or what they have going on. Being kind is so important because we can forget how this can affect someone’s position. Self-motivation is also massive when going on your journey. When everything is happening, we can forget to be kind to the one doing the work.

Incorporating these points above into your career mindset will help you find the light at the end of your tunnel.


Callum joined Optimum in April 2022 with a background in banking and finance, leading into heavy Sales. Hard working and driven, his goal is to provide clients and customers with a professional and well-mannered experience. Callum looks to provide productive solutions to matters to make candidates feel at ease during the whole recruitment process.

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