The phrases ‘ fast-paced environment’ or ‘high-performing workplace’ get thrown around in job ads and by recruiters every day, but what does a high-performing workplace actually look like, and what are the benefits of it?  

A high-performing workplace is a management style that gives employees higher responsibilities and more involvement in decisions. This style of management improves employee growth and profitability alongside business growth. By encouraging greater involvement from employees, managers can build greater team cohesion, improved productivity, and greater employee satisfaction.

Team Cohesion

Contrary to popular belief, having a high-performing workplace discourages negative relationships with colleagues. When most people think of a high-performance workplace, they might think that is high pressure, lots of moving parts, and intense competition. Though under management that truly wants to see you succeed, a high-performing workplace can allow a combined team goal, in which all members are there to bring each other up rather than put them down. By having a shared group goal within the business, the standard can be lifted, and by doing so lifting everyone involved to a higher level of performance.

Improved productivity

When there are expectations placed on the team to succeed, productivity will follow as rewards for hard work in an HPWP are set up to reflect the amount of work put in. By coordinating your team and playing to their strengths within a group, you can maximize the effectiveness of each person’s abilities. Understanding team roles and where people’s strengths and weaknesses fall can play a huge role in increasing productivity in a high-performance workplace. Using capability assessment tools can help managers and employees understand how to maximize productivity in the context of the work environment. (Optimum Consulting offers a wide range of psychological tests to enhance the selection process.)

Improved Employee satisfaction

When people ask you what you do for work, wouldn’t you like to say that it is something that you enjoy?

Being happy with what you spend 40 hours a week doing is crucial for your mental health and also for the company that employs you. Having large but attainable goals to work to, during the week that have real tangible rewards attached to them, greatly boosts your job satisfaction. It’s a human instinct to belong to a group and working in a high-performing team that consistently performs and encourages others to follow is intrinsically rewarding. By setting goals just outside of your comfort zone, you can start to expand on what you think you are capable of and begin to really see the benefits of working within a productive and high-performing team.  


Connor’s curiosity, inquisitive nature, and desire to understand the ‘why things are the way they are’, lead him to study psychology, majoring in personality and behaviour science. Seeking a practical use of his studies Connor set his eyes on becoming a recruitment consultant. His studies and hospitality experience have taught him that everybody has a reason behind the way they are acting, and to dig around and understand people on a deeper level. Connor is very focused on the ‘person’ and loves to connect with his candidates and clients to better service them and deliver on his promises.

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