new year goals

What should be your new year work goals?

With Christmas fast approaching and the silly season drawing to a close, it’s almost hard to remind yourself that a new year is upon us and if you’re not careful, we will be back here in 12 months as fast as you can ask “where’s the time gone?”. That is why it’s important to plan


Happy (belated) Birthday to ChatGPT… so, how have you embraced AI?

Led by the engineering masterminds at OpenAI, Chat GPT was launched in late 2022 and recently celebrated its first birthday on November 30th. It’s crazy to think it’s been here over a year. Many have adopted it rigorously into both their personal and work lives; from researching the best Martini recipe, and understanding how elections

Maintaining Positivity

Career Defining Moments – Part 5 “Maintaining Positivity”

This is the 5th article in my Career Defining Moments series.  Check out Part 1 “Stepping Up”, Part 2 “Saying Yes”, Part 3 “Pushing Through”, and Part 4 “The Best Work of Your Career”.  Observing the departure of colleagues with whom we have collaborated extensively during on-the-job interactions, engaged in office banter, shared lunch conversations,