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What Motivates You?

Ever looked at your to do list to find the same task staring back at you day after day? Or perhaps you have a job offer pending and aren’t too sure whether it’s the right move for you. Maybe you are at a loss at how to get the best out of your team. Discovering

The Value of Cultural Diversity

In today’s world as many businesses move towards a global platform, organisations made up of diverse groups of individuals are growing at a rapid rate. Although it can come with its unique challenges working in a multicultural environment where others have values and beliefs that are distinctly different from yours, it can also come with

Changing Times

Some people love and embrace change. In fact some people drive change and even call themselves “Agents” of change. Others fight change with tooth and nail and resist until they can resist no more, when finally the wave of change bears down on them and carries them along kicking and screaming. Some people pretend change

The Danger of Being Stuck in a Rut

Although I am young enough to have not legally been able to vote last time the Liberal National Party held power in the state of Queensland, I do take an interest in the crazy world that is politics. Having grown up with a very politically savvy father, I always wanted to stay up to date

Flexibility Is The Key To Finding Talent

I had the good fortune of speaking with a long term client yesterday about his recruiting needs for 2012. I first started recruiting for this client in 1997 and he is now the Chief Executive Officer of a mining services business. He is planning to recruit a couple of Project Managers, one Financial Controller and a

A New Years Outlook

Having the pleasure of taking two weeks off over Christmas gave me time to sit back and consider just how lucky we really are to work and live in Australia. But to realise this I first noted how I had wrapped up 2011. I was in a race to finish up everything in time for

New Year, New Career

For many of us, the traditional New Year resolutions are often health based – e.g. eat, smoke or drink less and exercise more.  However, often one of the areas in which we are most dissatisfied in is work. New Year is the perfect time for undergoing major changes and advancing your career. Taking the next

Personal Development

I was having a positive discussion with Ben Walsh, General Manager of Optimum Recruitment – Qld, and we were discussing my first two years with Optimum – what the future holds, and more importantly, what one can do to mould and sculpt it! I worked for another recruitment company for close to four years prior

Recruitment – More Than Just A Job!

I returned to work this week, a happily married man. As is often the case with watershed moments in one’s life, I took the opportunity to reflect on my journey so far and looked forward to what I hoped the future would hold for my new wife and I. I realised that several of the