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Setting Expectations

As a Recruitment Consultant there is nothing more frustrating than going through the process with candidates who change their minds like they change their underwear.  There have been too many times when candidates haven’t set clear and concise expectations of their job search from the first meeting with their consultant. This can negatively impact their

Does Industry Experience Outweigh Transferrable Skills?

An interesting topic of conversation at the moment is whether industry experience is valued the same if not more than technical experience. Being in the recruitment industry, we see industry experience come up a lot as a job requirement for sourcing potential candidates. Does that necessarily mean that someone with industry experience would perform the

Counter Offers

Congratulations, you’ve just accepted an offer for the job you’ve been chasing for months. It’s the career move you have been looking for! Great career progression, training and development and the list goes on. Your dream job! The right move…. But wait… All of a sudden the months of hating your job, the feeling of

Take control of your job search

Searching for your next role whether it be temporary or permanent can be a full time job in itself. Whether you use an agency or go direct to the employer, you need to be on top of your applications and your behaviors throughout your job search. Going on six years in recruitment I have had

Pre-employment screening and Reference Checks

In the Recruitment world pre-employment screening and reference checks are part of the job – but how successful are they? Having myself been stung twice in the two months leading up to Christmas with fantastic verbal references being supplied by the candidate and then completed by myself – only to find out on an “off