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Performance Support Platform

Traditional methods of Goal-Setting and Performance Management can create unnecessary complexity, chaos and stress. My Employee Life helps everyone to identify and stay focused on the critical things that really matter to success.

Surveys & Employee Experience Measurement

Let’s agree, annual surveys simply don’t cut it in the modern era. Our challenge was to create a better way to measure employee experience and gather important feedback. So we created a better way to do it.

Become an Optimum Workplace

The problem with many ‘best workplace’ awards is that they tend to highlight perks like ping pong tables, free drinks and gym memberships. Whilst these are nice, Optimum Workplaces are transparently committed to the things that REALLY matter to employee experience.

Premium Career Support

Fllair is our online career support portal designed to support your Job Search, Career Development, Leadership Success and Wellbeing At Work.

All performance starts in the mind.

Clear Calm & Ready is a transformational program that goes beyond neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation. It provides people with deep knowledge about the mechanics of the mind which empowers people to make better choices and take more effective actions, regardless of current circumstances.