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Outsourced HR & People Partner


A mid-tiered building products company were seeking to take their people and HR processes “to the next level”. As the company grows and matures, they were seeking HR processes that were “scalable” and driven from the leadership team top-down.

As an initial step, the leaders of the organisation wanted to review how they were effectively managing their people. Frequent feedback from employees, especially at the apprentice level, indicated that there was limited opportunity for “conversations” around performance.

The organisation had no formal performance review process or supporting documentation to assist leaders in holding professional development conversations. From a procedural perspective there was limited resources that could assist leaders initiate a performance management process.


Optimum Consulting conducted an interactive process with the leaders of the organisation incorporating:

- Revision of all Position Descriptions to ensure employees were clear of their role responsibilities accountabilities and KPI’s.

- A “train the trainer” style workshop was conducted with the Leadership Team. By the end of this workshop, Leaders had collectively agreed to execute performance reviews with their team within the month.

- Assessed the leaders capability / experience of performance review and development conversations.

- Listened to the leaders as to what type of performance framework would work for their business.

- Produced a template to facilitate and record Performance Reviews.

- Introduced a development plan to the process.

- Optimum Consultants acted in an advisory capacity offering on-going advice and coaching.

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  • Provided the leaders clarity around the purpose of a performance review (the content, the context).
  • The business now has documentation and materials they needed to start planning their sessions and execute a formal performance review process.
  • Optimum provided advice of how to write and evaluate the performance criteria.
  • The leadership team have greater confidence in handling objections or disagreements around ranked scores.
  • Optimum ensured leaders were clear on how to hold a successful performance review meeting.
  • Initiated plans in place for more frequent professional development conversations (both informally and formally).

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