Let’s agree that the current realities of the world will continue to weigh heavily on many workplaces for an unknown period of time.  Revenues are likely to be hit, which will in turn creates circumstances where staff numbers must be reduced.

When this happens, it’s never nice for anyone involved.  We are however here to help.

Our Respected Approach

Optimum Consulting adopts a modern methodology incorporating a mix of technology and traditional empathetic, qualitative methods for outplacement services.  Our attention to detail, consistent delivery, empathy and transparent approach ensures our candidates and clients receive the level of service they deserve. We have carved out a niche as a quality performer in our chosen markets and this is something we strive to maintain and improve upon.

We understand that each individual is exactly that – an individual and will manage stress and situations differently.  As a result, we offer a bespoke methodology getting to know and understand our clients to tailor an approach that works for them.

Our Outplacement Service incorporates five proven steps:

  • Change Barometer – a 1:1 confidential discussion about what’s currently happening.
  •  Know Yourself – a detailed exploration of skills and abilities.
  • Career Plan – specific steps to be taken in the short and medium term.
  • Branding Yourself.  How to stand out in a crowded market to land that next role.
  •  Continue to Excel.  We help to keep the momentum going.
Contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can help with what is likely to be a difficult time.