An increasingly important success metric is that of employee experience.


Employee Experience has exploded as a topic in recent times, however now that COVID-19 is here we are living in a different world.  Many employee experience programs that were relevant prior to 2020 are no longer relevant in this new world. 

In the middle of one of the most uncertain times we have witnessed, this may be the perfect time to check in with your employees across things that really matter to their experience:

Team Inclusion
Clarity about performance expectations

By doing this properly at regular intervals, it can help to identify problems before they become headaches.  By dealing with issues in a timely manner, it will also help to accelerate properly when things start to improve.

Our approach starts by collecting data about what is currently going on for employees in their new world.  Their experience at ‘work’ may also be their experience at home!  Our 9-Question pulse survey combines seamlessly with our own proprietary business intelligence tool (Employee Life) to understand sentiment, identify trends and track changes over time.  We also help you share this information back to the workplace, present it at the executive / Board level, and create sensible action plans.

Our guarantee to you is:

1. We will keep this cost effective as we know budgets are tight right now
2. We will report back within 24 hours after the survey is closed off
3. We will help you share results and develop simple actions to engage with your #1 asset – your people.

We can have our 9-question pulse survey running across your workplace within 24 hours.  Contact us to get started.

Innovation Culture & Continuous Improvement 

Like most things in a workplace, Culture is something that ebbs, flows and evolves over time.  Culture is the sum-total of all behaviours of a workplace, which are continuously shifting according to norms and circumstances.  Very few things are ever static, which makes measuring and improving workplace culture a difficult thing to do properly.

The success of our techniques can be attributed to helping you initiate and maintain a culture that is familiar with innovation and continuous improvement.  By nurturing a culture that is both nimble and productive, your workplace is in a very strong position to be able to adapt to whatever circumstances might be lurking around the corner.   

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.  

Employee Well-being

Contemporary workplaces are making this their competitive advantage.

What we know is that for employees to do their job properly, regardless of what is happening in the external world around them, they need to be able to cultivate a clear and confident mind – one that is able to discern, decide and act according to circumstances and desired outcomes.  Whilst most employee experience programs focus only on measuring sentiment, we have developed a program to support employee wellbeing and resilience.

Click here to learn more about our ‘Clear Calm Ready’ and ‘Mind Ambassador’ Programs.

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The most cost-effective way to ensure your workplace attracts and retains the best people is to do the important things really well.  We can help you to identify your biggest improvement opportunities immediately.

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