What happens to the people who don’t get the job you advertise?

As experts in the area of Recruitment & Selection, we know how important it is to provide job applicants with a great recruitment experience.  Unfortunately, you will only be able to hire one person for each role you have, meaning that there are many who will miss out.

One way to leave people with a great impression of your company is to offer them a free FLLAIR membership.  Fllair is our Career Support Portal that helps people with their job-search.

This is a free service for your company and can be offered by simply adding a paragraph like this to the communication you send when informing people that they have missed out on the role.

To give you a better chance at getting your next role, we have partnered with Fllair, a Career Support Platform designed to improve your chances of getting your next role.  Click here to join for FREE (embed www.fllair.com/auth/signup).

For more information about Fllair, click here.