Is hiring the right talent important to your success?

For organisations and their leaders, finding the right people to achieve long-term goals can be challenging. ‘How can we convince good people to work for us instead of other organisations’?

For job-seekers, choosing which workplace to work for is equally challenging. ‘How can I make sure I don’t end up taking a job that is different to what I thought it would be?’

Optimum Workplace solves this problem by helping you prove what it is like to really work there.  Think of it as a sensible mix of data, transparency and independent certification.


It’s about doing important things well.

After almost two decades of helping good people and great organisations to find each other, what we know is that are a small handful of things that really matter to people:

  1. Trustworthy Leaders. Workplace Leaders set the standards and tone for everyone else.  People want to know they can trust their Leaders.

  2. Clear Expectations. When expectations are clear up-front, everyone can do their job properly. When expectations are not clear, it’s almost impossible for anyone to make decent day-to-day decisions.

  3. Clear Standards. This includes both quality of work and standards of behaviour that apply to everyone. When these are consistent, everyone can go about their role confidently. When they aren’t, chaos breaks loose.

  4. Adequate Support. To be successful, people need adequate training, resources and help when they most need it. Without it, it isn’t really fair to expect high levels of performance.

  5. Effective Communication. To be effective, people need to know they will get the information they need in a timely manner. Without this, it’s almost impossible for anyone to do their job properly.

  6. Continuous Improvement. Most people don’t expect things to be perfect all of the time, but they do expect that problems and frustrations will be addressed in a timely manner.

Optimum Workplace is about helping you communicate your commitment to these things, demonstrating your commitment to both performance and employee wellbeing.  


More than a one-time ‘Award’.

Many ‘best-place-to-work’ awards tend to be one-off exercises that focus on a moment in time. It can be more about the Award than building a better long-term workplace.

Many online reviews only give the opinions of people who are really happy or really unhappy, but it is everyone else who’s opinion really should matter.

Optimum Workplace is about discovering what it is really like to work somewhere. We are certifying the longer-term intentions of the workplace rather than short-term perks. Optimum Workplaces are serious about doing important things well.


What’s involved?

Optimum Workplaces represent the gold-standard in transparency and accountability:

  • Interview with the leadership team about their attitudes towards our key priorities.

  • Confidential surveys with all team members about what it is really like.

  • Repeating our streamlined audit process every 6 months.

  • We only provide recognition to workplaces who are genuinely committed to doing important things well and taking a longer-term view of success.

We then help you to communicate this during recruitment processes and as part of your Employer Branding strategy.


Is yours an Optimum Workplace?

If you feel your workplace deserves recognition for doing important things well, simply contact Mikahla Smith on +61 7 3228 8429 or Jason Buchanan on +61 7 3228 8445. It’s a confidential discussion.

Start with our Talent Strategy Needs Analysis.

The most cost-effective way to ensure your workplace attracts and retains the best people is to do the important things really well.  We can help you to identify your biggest improvement opportunities immediately.

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