Recruitment has been at the core of Optimum Consulting since we first opened our doors in 2003.  Since this time, we have seen trends come and go, experienced the rise of artificial intelligence technology, and the constantly shifting skills that are required to be successful. Through all of this we have remained successful because every recruitment assignment we’ve handled has been underpinned by our founding statement:

We believe in the inherent goodness of people and that good people make great organisations.

We don’t provide a resume service; instead, we look beyond the immediate transaction and work closely to understand the ongoing talent requirements of our clients along with the career aspirations of our candidates, to ensure a strong match. We offer a complete service.

Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring our customers are in the best position to keep up to date with recruitment processes that will be effective as we move towards 2025 and beyond.

Our recruitment services cover Contract, Fixed Term and Permanent placements, as well as Executive Search. We are also able to offer remote employees to complement your existing teams.

Permanent Recruitment

In a fiercely competitive world, there is one constant: talent is essential to business success.

Finding talent is key. But that is only part of the challenge. The ability to attract, retain and further develop the best talent significantly impacts competitive advantage. And this is where Optimum Consulting thrives.

We combine our proven permanent recruitment process, innovative sourcing techniques and the deep industry expertise of our exceptional Consultants, to deliver successful recruitment assignments again and again.


Optimum uses specialised, innovative sourcing strategies, tailored to suit your business requirements to maximise results. Through our team of dedicated Resourcing Specialists and Recruitment Consultants along with our technological advantages, we have the networks, the capability, and the capacity to proactively seek out the best talent, rather than just screen applicants to advertisements.


Once candidates have been identified, our experienced consultants take the time to get to know them. Optimum applies a process using competency and performance-based questioning to ensure the right technical and behavioural competencies match the role and organisational culture. Our inhouse psychometric assessment tools and qualified assessors enable us to pinpoint desired traits using scientifically proven methodologies.


We only present candidates who fit the brief. This is where our knowledge of our clients and our candidates comes to the fore. Our ability to successfully recommend suitably qualified candidates to our clients has been demonstrated time and time again.


Our service doesn’t stop once we’ve filled the job. Our ongoing service to both candidates and clients is a key to our sustained success. Many of our clients today, were candidates in the past and will be candidates again in the future. We don’t take this for granted.

Contract Recruitment

Optimum Consulting have been providing temporary and contract staff to clients since we first opened our doors in 2003.  During this time, we have placed thousands of contract staff and have placed a healthy percentage of these multiple-times.  In particular, we are specialists in:

  •  Executive Search
  •  Accounting & Finance
  •  IT & Digital
  •  Engineering & Technical Services
  •  Office Support
  •  Professional Services (eg. HR, Sales & Marketing)

We passionately believe the strategic use of contract staff and interim talent is becoming more of a differentiator, elevating top performing organisations above the pack.  Contracting is also becoming a career choice for many candidates who enjoy the benefits of working on an assignment by assignment basis.

We understand return-on-investment.

The average cost of hiring the wrong employee in Australia can range anywhere between 1 – 2½  times the employee’s salary.

According to a recent report from PWC, the average annual turnover for employees in their first 12-months of employment in Australia is 23%.

This means that if a company has 100 employees and an average salary of $100,000 with an annual turnover of 23%, it could cost the business in excess of $2.3 million dollars per year.

We are here to ensure you take on the right team members to achieve your long-term goals.  Our capability is supported by our extremely high levels of repeat business.   How can we help you today?

Executive Search Services

Having the right Business Leaders in the right roles is one of the critical success indicators for any successful workplace.

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Permanent Recruitment

Ensuring the right people are placed into the right roles is another key factor that contributes to long-term success.

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Contract Recruitment

Hiring temps and contractors is an excellent way to further support your core team of permanent employees.

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Optimum Workplace

If you need a way to convince top talent to join your workplace instead of others, we have a solution for you.

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Optimum Success Program

We can help you prepare your organisation for long-term success.

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Talent Assessment

We are experts in skills and psychometric assessments to help make better recruitment decisions.

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Services For Job-Seekers:

If you are looking for assistance to find your next permanent, contract or temporary role, we are here to help.  We pride ourselves on our high level of referrals from people we have previously met.

Start with our Talent Strategy Needs Analysis.

As experts in People & Performance, we can help you identify your best opportunities to improve your Talent Strategy during turbulent times. Simply contact us to learn more.

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