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Resume Writing Tips

Having a well-written, professional resume is extremely important. Your resume is the first impression you get to make and is the most important tool that you have to impress your potential employer. Whether you’ve got years of experience or are newly joining the workforce, your chance of securing an interview is much more likely if

Master your Interviews in 2020!

Confidence is key. No matter how many times you’ve sat in the chair facing your potential employers, interviews can be tough. Taking the time to prepare, not only about the company but also about yourself, will make you feel a lot more confident and at ease. A drumbeat that we follow here at Optimum Consulting

To temp or not to temp…

It is no secret nor a revelation that the world of employment is fast changing. To add to this, contract or temporary employment is growing at an extraordinary pace. More than ever, working Australians are considering the “gig-economy” and this is received with an uptick in demand from employers. To add to this, the demand

Interviews are a two-way street

They are two words that can send a shiver down a grown adult’s spine. Some people will tell you that they are quite confident when it comes to interviewing or that they don’t mind that part of the process, but most of us are very nervous at the mere thought of interviewing for a job.

Landed that Great Job, Now Land that Great Start!

Starting a new job can be scary, especially with new people, in a new place with different ways of doing things. It’s not something we can avoid in our lifetime and for some it can be daunting. I myself have recently gone through the same process of starting a new job simply to further my

What do Candidates Really Want from Recruiters?

Finding the perfect job or the perfect employee can be as hard as finding blood in a stone if you don’t have a recruitment manager who has your back. But what does it really take to satisfy a candidate? Here we uncover the truth about what candidates really want. The heart and soul of quality

Where do I start?

You could be new to the Brisbane market, looking for your first full-time role out of university, venturing out after a long stint or looking to get into a new industry or stream of work. So here are a few pointers.

How to sell yourself when looking for a job

Looking for a new job?  If yes is your answer, here are some tips on how to present yourself to employers and easy steps to increase your chances of being found by hirers and considered for live job vacancies. STEP 1 Be proactive and visible. Think like a politician!  Yep, I actually said that.  Although

Surviving the Transition from Uni Student to Adult in the ‘Real World’

You’re standing in your graduation gown, clutching your degree in hand and no longer classified as a ‘student’. It’s time to leave the world of toga parties and two-minute noodles behind and put your degree to use in the big, wide world! The future is unpredictable and most of the time we have no idea