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All performance starts in the mind.

You might notice as you peruse the pages and articles of Optimum Consulting a common phrase – to properly address something, we need to properly identify and then influence it’s ‘root cause’.

If you trace back the root cause of workplace performance, it comes back to the qualities of a person’s mind at any given time.    All performance starts in the mind.

However, very few of us are ever taught what the mind is or how to use it properly.  It’s like being given a car and told to drive it without ever receiving instructions.  Eventually, an accident will happen.

There is an old saying that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.  In other words if we let our minds run the show it can take us to some unhelpful places.

Neuroscience teaches us that being in a state of stress makes us reactive rather than creative.  We see problems rather than solutions.  A confused and self-doubting mind decreases the chance of being successful.And so we developed a short-program for individuals that can also be rolled out into larger groups.

A Clear & Confident Mind + Emotional Resilience = Psychological Immunity

What workplaces really need right now are team members who can self-regulate, self correct and creatively overcome problems as they surface.  We call it Psychological Immunity, and it’s the skill that will define future success.

Clear Calm & Ready is a transformational program that goes beyond neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation.  It provides people with deep knowledge about the mechanics of the mind which empowers people to make better choices and take more effective actions, regardless of current circumstances.

What is covered?

  • The mechanics of the mind, its nature, qualities and tendencies
  • How to prime the mind to be more expansive and clear
  • How to prime the mind to ensure it will support us in reaching our goals
  • Understanding how our perception drives our experience. 
  • How to identify old thought habits that are shaping our decisions and actions.
  • How to work with ‘Challenge’ and train your mind to see opportunities where it once saw problems.
  • To understand the 3 core ways that we can move ourselves out of a stress state in real-time.
  • Properly understand the tools of mindfulness and meditation and how they might work for you.

If your workplace is looking to go beyond typical concepts like resilience and stress management, this is the program for you.  It consists of up to four individual or group sessions with our health and wellbeing expert Sharon Keating.

Does your workplace need a Mind Ambassador??

The first half For workplaces that are serious about offering essential skills and knowledge to their team members, we can offer an ongoing online community so that your workplace can develop and retain important knowledge ‘in-house’.

  • We start with a quick 9 question survey of your team to understand where they are currently at.
  • We provide further coaching to one (or more) of your team members to become your internal Mind Ambassador.
  • They receive ongoing support through our online community where they can ask questions and interact with others.
  • Your Mind Ambassador then keeps the program going with our help in the background.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you immediately.  Programs start from as little as $995.



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