The intersection of experience and performance.


Employee Experience has exploded as a topic in recent times, and the greatest success is found when employee performance is also supported at the same time.  This is where we can help you.

Our approach starts by collecting data about the current employee experience through our proprietary data intelligence platform – Employee Life.  Our 9-question pulse survey is an excellent way to capture this sentiment in a way that employees are willing to engage with because it isn’t too long.

We manage all aspects of this data collection exercise including sharing the information back to your teams and support the creation of action plans that matter.

Continuous Performance Improvement

The next phase of our approach turns attention towards supporting a culture of performance using feedback from the available survey data.  By nurturing a culture that is both nimble and productive, your workplace is in a very strong position to be able to adapt to whatever circumstances might be lurking around the corner.

To support this process we have created our own proprietary real-time performance platform called My Employee Life.  Think of it as a simple way to ensure everyone in the organisation is clear about performance goals, and focused on what they need to do each week.

Employee Well-being

Contemporary workplaces are including this as part of their competitive advantage.

What we know is that for employees to do their job properly, regardless of what is happening in the external world around them, they need to be able to cultivate a clear and confident mind – one that is able to discern, decide and act according to circumstances and desired outcomes.  If you are looking for an additional way to help improve performance, we have a program to support employee wellbeing and resilience.

Simply contact us to learn more about our ‘Creating A Clear Mind’ program.

Start with our Talent Strategy Needs Analysis.

The most cost-effective way to ensure your workplace attracts and retains the best people is to do the important things really well.  We can help you to identify your biggest improvement opportunities immediately.

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