Improve Success At Work.

With a simple framework to guide performance, everyone can succeed.

A better way to get results.

Traditional methods of Goal-Setting and Performance Management can create unnecessary complexity, chaos and stress. We created My Employee Life to help workplaces stay focused on the critical things that really matter to success.

Clear Goals.

Establishing clear goals provides everyone with shared direction and focus. Clarity about the future influences performance in the present.

Lead Measures

The best way to achieve important goals is to ensure everyone is clear about the leading indicators that will generate the outcomes.

Taking Action.

It’s only when the right communication, self-reflection and feedback-loops are in place that it becomes possible to generate the best results.


If you are a Business, HR or Team Leader and you are looking for an effective way to improve workplace performance, we have you covered. You can get started immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we based?

Although we are based in Australia, our team is spread across a number of countries and locations. All of our services can be delivered anywhere in the world and you can expect a super smooth experience.

Software is web-based?

Yes, which means everyone can log in from anywhere in the world at any time from any device using any supported browser. There are no ‘apps’ to download or manage which makes things really easy.

What about data privacy?

By default, all data entered into My Employee Life is private until specifically shared with other people within an organisation. We never, ever, share data with any third parties, ever!

Works on a mobile?

Absolutely. My Employee Life is optimised for all screen sizes which means you don’t need to be at a desk to log and share your employee life with anyone who needs to know.

If you have further questions, you can visit our support centre here.

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