For many organisations, quick growth presents challenges (We refer to it as the Zone Of Pain.) and at some point there will present the need to hire a dedicated HR professional.

The traditional option is to try to hire an HR generalist who knows everything about everything. The alternative other option is to complement your existing internal skills and capabilities by using us as your internal HR function. One of our team will be on your premises to deliver what you need. We have deep knowledge, existing templates, processes and systems in place that we can embed across your organisation saving you time, money and internal resources.

This can be wrapped up into a one-off fee, fixed monthly or quarterly price, we can help fill important gaps when it comes to your talent strategy and human resources execution.

Start with our Talent Strategy Needs Analysis.

The most cost-effective way to ensure your workplace attracts and retains the best people is to do the important things really well.  We can help you to identify your biggest improvement opportunities immediately.

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