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Strengthening Workplace Foundations


A fast-growing national manufacturing and distribution company was finding that despite hiring the right people and having a great brand loyalty with customers, internal day-to-day friction seemed to be on the increase. Was it to do with stress and pressure? Was there something the leadership team were inadvertently doing to create the situation.

Optimum was called in to help figure it out.


After a short ‘workplace foundations audit’, the answer became clear. Like with many fast-growing companies, the basics are sometimes the things that can be overlooked. In this situation, it was discovered that whilst employee accountability was high, there was sometimes confusion over roles and responsibilities, which was creating higher levels of unnecessary confusion and chaos. In other words, things like roles and responsibilities and basic processes had grown outdated as the company grew. It is a common situation.

Optimum was able to help this organisation by clarifying roles and responsibilities, and working with the various teams to discover what was working and what needed attention. Interestingly, this organisation was able to remove some process and clarify a few others which created a lot more time for everyone to do their job.

The company continues to enjoy a high period of growth to this very day.

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