Navigating the Corporate World: An International Student’s Perspective

Being an international student can be the most challenging yet rewarding experience you will ever have. I say this because it is not simple to pack your entire life from a familiar and comfortable setting and move into the unknown. However, that is the beauty of life: relocating to a new place helps you grow

5 Important Things to Consider Before Signing a Job Offer

Imagine this, you’ve spent a lot of time searching the internet for job opportunities. You attended a lot of job interviews. And finally, the hiring manager calls and offers you a job. You are about to sign the offer when you receive another call from another hiring manager offering you a job. You feel giddy

New To Town: Tips To Starting In A New Environment

New To Town: Tips To Starting In A New Environment

This is my first blog and if I am being honest, I’ve kind of dreaded doing it. A little insight into my backstory. I never considered the wonderful career of recruitment until about 5 months ago. I graduated with a Bachelor of Law and intended to work in a law firm and eventually practice. I

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The First Month is the Hardest – Top Tips for Surviving a New Role

I won’t lie I am a bit nervous to write this blog because I started at Optimum approximately 1 month, 12 days and maybe 12 hours ago and what a rollercoaster it has been. Every day I feel like I am doing the worst job that could ever be done but also at the same