Closing Out the Work Year

The Final Stretch: Closing Out the Work Year

As the year comes to an end and the holiday season begins, it’s great to say goodbye to the past 12 months with a work celebration but also taking a minute to stop and think about what we’ve achieved, and how to get ready for a successful and exciting new year ahead. Reflecting on Achievements:

how to increase productivity at work

8 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Don’t you love those days where you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, power through your day at work, look up at the clock at it’s already the afternoon? Love that feeling when you leave work that you have achieved so much and feel like you really kicked goals today? But then other days when

when is the right time to leave a company

Do I stay or do I go – when is the right time to leave a company?

I can tell from an application when the person is rage-applying. If you’ve been in the workforce a while, you know about the rage-apply, and you’ve probably done it yourself – something has happened in a meeting, or a colleague has annoyed you so much that you see red and start randomly applying for whatever