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resilience in the workplace

A Resilient Workplace Reaps Rewards

It is no question that the Australian job market is experiencing very interesting times with almost full employment, with nearly everyone willing and able to work being in a position already. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics release, there are 480,100 job vacancies in Australia, a 111.1% increase since February 2020. In June,

The Benefits of High-Performance Workplaces

The phrases ‘ fast-paced environment’ or ‘high-performing workplace’ get thrown around in job ads and by recruiters every day, but what does a high-performing workplace actually look like, and what are the benefits of it?   A high-performing workplace is a management style that gives employees higher responsibilities and more involvement in decisions. This style

Find Great Candidates With These IT Recruitment Tips

IT Recruitment Tips – Garnering talented IT professionals’ interest, can sometimes be a discouraging task. Finding the right candidates for any position requires patience and a direct, carefully planned approach. This challenge is intensified when looking for specialised candidates such as those that work in IT.  As nearly every industry worldwide has been forced to

Employers must read!

Do you have retention issues and/or a lack of engagement and productivity in your team? Do you want a team that is motivated, positive, and driven to succeed within your business? By utilising the research of world-renowned American Psychologist, Behaviorist and Social Philosopher B. F. Skinner; you can put initiatives in place to reduce attrition

2022 ground hog day

2022 – Groundhog Day?

2022 for many has started off where 2021 left off – just as 2021 started where 2020 left off. As it is Groundhog Day in the US tomorrow this may be timely! The world is short staffed, the opening of borders will help but until then we face the prospect of doing more with less.

Retaining your team starts with discovering how things really are

I originally sat at my laptop to pen (type) a piece for business leaders about the phenomenon that is The Great Resignation.  However, if you are a business leader, you are possibly overwhelmed by how many people are already talking about it.  Everyone in your team is about to resign is what many would have

3 key talent strategies to review in an ever-changing world.

At Optimum Consulting, our clients range from small entrepreneurial start-ups to large institutional clients which gives me a fascinating insight to the people challenges these businesses face. One thing that resonates with all at the moment is that there seems to be a trend to go back to a simpler way of doing things, and

Internal mobility – A possible solution to fight the current talent shortage and retention challenges

There is absolutely no doubt, it is not only hard to find quality talent in 2021, but retaining talent is also proving a challenge. You only need to speak to any hiring manager, HR professional, recruiter or anyone looking to engage and retain talent, to know it is tough. Job ads are underperforming – the

Exciting Acquisition Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Brisbane-based recruitment specialist APRG has been acquired by Optimum Consulting Group. APRG will continue operating under the same brand and with the same excellent team whilst also benefiting from Optimum’s existing expertise. Optimum Consulting Group’s Managing Director Brad McMahon commented “We are thrilled to welcome