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thank you to our unsung heroes

A Shout-Out to the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace

Every workplace has people behind the scenes, laying the platform for others to shine. To all those people – THANK YOU! I’ve spent my career in customer facing roles, engaging with external customers and I regularly receive thanks for the work I’ve done for them. I’m fortunate to be able to receive positive reinforcement by

How can trust help across the employee life cycle

Trust – How can trust help across the employee life cycle

Trust Definition: to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable. (Cambridge Dictionary). Trust – a simple 5 letter word that underpins our moral fibre. How can trust help across the employee life cycle? Optimum has 4 pillars to our business: Attract – trust

How to not lose momentum leading up to Christmas 4

How To Not Lose Momentum Leading Up To Christmas

2023 has certainly flown, and in what feels like the blink of an eye we are now approaching the end of the year. Melbourne Cup is just around the corner and people’s thoughts are already turning towards Christmas. This is the time of year where in our professional lives it is easy to lose momentum,

Keeping up with the changing landscape!

Keeping up with the changing landscape!

If you are a business leader or people leader/manager there is one thing that will continue to happen. One word that some embrace; some fear; some are immune to, some are tired from it, some are excited by it….one thing is for sure – you can’t stop it! That word is CHANGE. A six letter,

Would your team play a good symphony?

On Sunday I attended a breathtaking performance by the QLD Symphony Orchestra. It’s a significant experience for me, as Mum and Dad would regularly enjoy these Sunday sessions at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre over the years. Since my Dad passed it’s become a beloved ritual I now enjoy with Mum. In the world of

Setting Workplace Standards Or Something Worse

Setting Workplace Standards Or Something Worse?

This week, there have been a number of leaks and stories from the camp of NRL club the Canterbury Bulldogs regarding a player revolt against the coach. According to various sources, the coach has “lost his dressing room” and players feel as though they are being overworked and mistreated. The variety of stories culminated with

outsourcing people and culture

The Value of an Outsourced People and Culture Function

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with a client around the value he saw from outsourcing different areas of their business. This meant outsourcing functions (or parts of it) from IT, to Marketing, People and Culture and other areas to specialist consultants who can manage it. This business has a mandate to grow

This Financial year focus points.

This Financial year focus points.

Another Financial year is upon us!   A hectic time when budgets are negotiated, performance is reviewed, and strategies re-aligned. 2023/24 will, I am sure, see a major focus on people across our organisations especially as we are still experiencing labour shortages and a consistent increase in the cost of goods. Keeping the lights on

6 things I’ve learned from our newest employees

Recruiting and onboarding new staff is a time intensive and expensive exercise.  I know this first hand, having recruited thousands of roles over the years, both for my clients and for our team at Optimum.  Devoting time to write position descriptions and job advertisements, screen resumes, conduct interviews, prepare employment contracts, procure the tools of