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Cultural Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

As we continue to work with and around Covid, the need to be more aware of different cultures / different states or regions / countries has become much more important for business and people leaders. We do not need to work in global companies or organisations that cover different regions / states, to possess global

How to Become Better at Working Under Pressure

We all have stress and pressure in our lives, both personal and work pressures. The last few months for me have been extra pressure with one of our key staff members away on leave and bringing some new members into our team, right when we are exceptionally busy. It’s always the way isn’t it?! I

We are updating My Employee Life

In line with our continuing goal to help our customers to achieve their goals, we are soon going to update My Employee Life but not have a date yet. With the aim of not just improving employee performance but also contributing to achieving employee success, we are updating the layout design as well as a few new features.  Users will

4 things that my 5-month old taught me about work

A bit over 5 months ago my wife and I went through one of the greatest, scariest, life-altering, amazing and down right crazy events of our lives: We had a baby! Little Darcy came into the world and changed our lives forever. I had been receiving advice from everyone in the months leading up to

So you want to tap into your network…?

Many of the thousands of professionals that I speak with every year come to me with a bit of a conundrum; “I’m not actively looking and I’m reasonably happy with where I am, however, I want to know what else is on the market and I don’t want to miss out on that perfect opportunity”.

Why You Need To Balance Best Practice with Research

During my time at university I was constantly told how research and theories can explain almost everything we do. Want to improve culture in the workplace? There’s a theory for that! Looking at reducing employee turnover? Check out this model! Research could always explain our behaviour. One tip I’ve learnt in my first graduate job,

You Only Get Out What You Put In!

How to Build the Workplace Culture You Want! Every role I have applied for, I have always been attracted to what that company’s workplace culture is like. To me it is one of the major benefits for my place of employment. We can spend up to 40-50 hours per week at work and I need

The Battle of Artificial Intelligence vs Emotional Intelligence

Over Christmas I watched the “Back to the Future” movie marathon, and couldn’t help but wonder – did the writers, Zemeckis and Gale, have any idea that some of their far-fetched, tech predictions in the 80’s would actually come to fruition in 2015? How did they know that drones, fingerprint recognition, hands-free gaming consoles and

Six Leadership Hints for 2018!

I was fortunate to hear a number of captains of industry talk on leadership.  They were well qualified in their field and were corporate leaders with experience in a variety of large corporates and enterprises giving their experiences and views on leadership and management. I thought I would outline a few key takeaways and perhaps