The Importance of mental health in the workplace

A couple of weeks ago, like most workplaces, we here at Optimum Consulting acknowledged RUOK day? A mental health initiative where every second Thursday of September is designated as a day for people and organisations to reflect on their mental health. We were given a presentation by our GM of Consulting, Stephen Cushion and our

Would your team play a good symphony?

On Sunday I attended a breathtaking performance by the QLD Symphony Orchestra. It’s a significant experience for me, as Mum and Dad would regularly enjoy these Sunday sessions at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre over the years. Since my Dad passed it’s become a beloved ritual I now enjoy with Mum. In the world of

How long will you stay in your job?

How long will you stay in your job?

Cast your mind back to your school days… a time when a 30cm ruler, was a daily companion.  You used it for drawing straight lines, taking measurements, honing your straight drive (if you dreamt of playing cricket for Australia), and maybe even engaging in epic sword fights with classmates.  You probably had several rulers through

Setting Workplace Standards Or Something Worse

Setting Workplace Standards Or Something Worse?

This week, there have been a number of leaks and stories from the camp of NRL club the Canterbury Bulldogs regarding a player revolt against the coach. According to various sources, the coach has “lost his dressing room” and players feel as though they are being overworked and mistreated. The variety of stories culminated with