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How to not lose momentum leading up to Christmas 4

How To Not Lose Momentum Leading Up To Christmas

2023 has certainly flown, and in what feels like the blink of an eye we are now approaching the end of the year. Melbourne Cup is just around the corner and people’s thoughts are already turning towards Christmas. This is the time of year where in our professional lives it is easy to lose momentum,

Keeping up with the changing landscape!

Keeping up with the changing landscape!

If you are a business leader or people leader/manager there is one thing that will continue to happen. One word that some embrace; some fear; some are immune to, some are tired from it, some are excited by it….one thing is for sure – you can’t stop it! That word is CHANGE. A six letter,

This Financial year focus points.

This Financial year focus points.

Another Financial year is upon us!   A hectic time when budgets are negotiated, performance is reviewed, and strategies re-aligned. 2023/24 will, I am sure, see a major focus on people across our organisations especially as we are still experiencing labour shortages and a consistent increase in the cost of goods. Keeping the lights on

New To Town: Tips To Starting In A New Environment

New To Town: Tips To Starting In A New Environment

This is my first blog and if I am being honest, I’ve kind of dreaded doing it. A little insight into my backstory. I never considered the wonderful career of recruitment until about 5 months ago. I graduated with a Bachelor of Law and intended to work in a law firm and eventually practice. I

jacinda ardern resignation - lessons and tips

Jacinda Ardern – When The Time Is Right

Some leaders know when it’s their time to move on, have done what they needed to do in their role and sense that it’s time to hand over the reins and let someone else lead. In global politics, those leaders can be counted on one hand! Self-aware leaders acknowledge when they are burning out and

2023 – the war for talent is over!

At a time where most of us are refreshed after a break – we turn into positive beings! We cut back on chocolate and alcohol, we promise ourselves to hit the gym this year… we swap fries for salad…we are hopeful that the labour shortage is behind us and that 2023 will bring fresh hope…the

Change Professionally & Personally

5 Tips for Dealing with Change Professionally & Personally

Fear is one of the strongest emotions we can have, and it often makes its presence known when we face change. Whether in the workplace or personal changes, there’s no doubt that for some, it is daunting, while others thrive.  Change is inevitable in the workplace and our personal lives; how we deal with it

winter is coming

Winter Is Coming

I was a late convert to the juggernaut that was “Game of Thrones”. To be brutally honest, I only binge watched the series so I could join in on some of the conversations in the office but, like everyone, I was soon hooked and became a fan. From season one to the final season, the

How to Build Resilience – A Key to a Changing Work Environment

Resilience is a confidence builder and a vital personal and business tool that can help to overcome workplace and personal change. See some key steps and tips for developing and nurturing resilience for yourself and your team. Among many things in the world, and especially of late, business is forever shifting shape and feel. From