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how to deal with redundancy 1

Navigating Redundancy During the Holiday Season

Christmas is knocking on our door – you arrive at work this morning and “BAM” you have been made redundant! It is not a nice feeling, and it can be a challenging situation, upsetting and it normally is a total shock. So, the big question is – where to from here? In this current world

mental health

Mental Wealth: The Key to Successful Recruitment

In today’s fast paced and competitive world, organisations are increasingly realising the importance of mental health in the workplace.  As the focus on employee wellbeing grows, it becomes crucial to prioritise mental wealth during the recruitment process. In this blog, we will explore the significance of mental wealth in recruitment and how it can contribute

How to avoid redundancy 1

How to avoid redundancy

The corporate world can be a competitive place, but it’s also full of opportunities for those who know how to play the game. As most people are aware, redundancy has become a growing worry for businesses as they face a broad range of challenges including economic uncertainty, technological advancement, and globalization. As we enter the

contract work

Contract Work: The Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

The path of landing a full-time job with a single employer and staying with them for decades has changed. In today’s job market, contract work is increasing, and it is an opportunity people should consider with an open mind. In this blog, we’ll explore why rejecting contract work could be a mistake and why you

This Financial year focus points.

This Financial year focus points.

Another Financial year is upon us!   A hectic time when budgets are negotiated, performance is reviewed, and strategies re-aligned. 2023/24 will, I am sure, see a major focus on people across our organisations especially as we are still experiencing labour shortages and a consistent increase in the cost of goods. Keeping the lights on

Planning for Success in the Next Financial Year

Planning for Success in the Next Financial Year

As recruiters, strategic planning plays a pivotal role in achieving success in the ever-changing market. With the current financial year coming to a close, it is crucial to prepare for the year ahead. By doing so, you can maintain a competitive edge, adapt to emerging trends, and attract top talent. This article outlines essential steps

why you need a recruiter

Why you should use a recruiter when searching for your next career opportunity

Getting back into the job market can be a daunting prospect – you’ve got to update your CV, start looking for opportunities, attend interviews, and perhaps the most daunting; complete reference checks. Using a recruiter can provide you with a competitive edge and hopefully find you the career opportunity you are looking for, by providing

cultural fit

The Importance of Assessing Cultural Fit

Assessing cultural fit during the hiring process is becoming increasingly important for organisations. It is the number one thing that our clients ask us when we are recruiting on their behalf. Yes, skills are important but if they do not fit their Company Culture it can be downhill from here.  By this I mean cultural

Age Bias in Hiring

Age Bias in Hiring: Are you potentially discounting candidates due to their age?

I recently had to counsel a seasoned candidate who, despite boasting an incredible persona, drive and determination unfortunately lacked the required skillset required by my client. It was evident sadly; this was not his first unsuccessful experience. Whilst he was grateful for the way in which I counselled him and genuinely did my best, it