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Career Defining Moments – Part 2 “Saying Yes”

(check out Part 1 “Stepping Up”) I’ve worked with Alicia for nearly 20 years.  Alicia is one of those unique people who can energise a room, the second she walks in.  She has an aura that screams “C’mon let’s go!” Her capacity to make you feel like a million dollars is second to none, because

Returning to work after the holiday season

There is no doubt right now that a lot of us are starting to wind down for the Christmas break, celebrating the year that has been, enjoying all the yummy food (I have eaten my body weight of Forrero Rochers already) and looking forward to spending time with family and loved ones. It really is

5 Ways to be more confident in the workplace

Confidence is not something you have. It’s something you can create. It’s a habit. I know we all experience insecurity, anxieties, and challenges at work no matter what field we’re in. Hopefully, some of these tips can help you to overcome these and assist you in becoming more confident at work. Saying “yes” I’m a

New Year, New You! How to make your New Year’s resolutions stick!

New Year’s Eve. A magical time of the year when we put the past year behind us and look forward to the endless possibilities of the year to come. When the clock ticks over to the 1st of January and we watch the fireworks light up the sky, we make promises to ourselves that this

it's starting to feel like christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like…. The work Christmas party

There are plenty of excuses to get wild and celebrate during the working year – Easter, Australia Day, Tuesday afternoon – but none of these have the same magical charm as Christmas. There’s always a lovely, bubbling undercurrent of happiness during the last months of the year, with staff looking forward to time with their

What I learned from doing what I love

I had only one goal this year. That was to find one thing I love to do, and to do it all year round. Those close to me will know how passionate I am about team sports, and how it has positive effect on both your mental and physical health. Sport has taken me places

…so, you want to become an Astronaut?

An Astronaut, an Engineer, an Architect, a primary school Teacher or Paramedic… what is it that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning?  With “The Great Resignation” in sight, you can be certain that many people are thinking about taking a leap of faith and changing careers drastically.  But, did you

how to increase your productivity at work

How To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Don’t you love those days when you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, powering through your day at work, look up at the clock at it’s already the afternoon? Love that feeling when you leave work that you have achieved so much and feel like you really kicked goals today? But then others when you

Career Defining Moments – Part 1 “Stepping Up”

“She’s really stepped up over the past few months”  Few statements elicit more pride, fulfilment or contentment in a leader, than hearing feedback about one of your employees like this.  I’ve heard this comment and others like it about one of our team members several times recently and each time it has put a smile