thank you to our unsung heroes

Every workplace has people behind the scenes, laying the platform for others to shine. To all those people – THANK YOU!

I’ve spent my career in customer facing roles, engaging with external customers and I regularly receive thanks for the work I’ve done for them. I’m fortunate to be able to receive positive reinforcement by simply doing my job. But there are a bunch of people in our company who provide tremendous support to me and my team, without whom, we couldn’t deliver the service we do. They don’t have as much customer contact, so they often don’t receive the praise they deserve.

So, to the Corporate Services and Technology teams here at Optimum Consulting Group , I say thank you very much.

Unsung heroes are everywhere

Optimum Consulting isn’t unique in this regard. Many companies and industries have those in the public eye and those who do the hard work supporting them.

As a movie buff, I’m eagerly seeking out interviews with Chris Hemsworth and George Miller about the latest instalment of the Mad Max movie franchise, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. I can’t wait for the Australian release on 24th May. I’m sure these two high profile figures will receive well-earned accolades following the movie release. Yet, let’s not forget the ensemble of people whose contributions are essential to the creation of a feature film, yet often remain invisible to the public eye.

Similarly with sporting teams, it is often the players and coaches who receive our praise and recognition, not the water carriers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, laundry crew etc. And umpires/referees certainly don’t receive much positive feedback (but they get a significant amount of criticism!).

Let’s not forget the kitchen hands we never see toiling away in our favourite restaurant, production line workers who helped assemble the appliances we use daily, or the gardeners at the cemetery where we pay respects to lost love one’s. This could go on and on but I’m sure you get the idea.

Make time to say thanks (regularly)

As divisive as the world can seem at times, it is important to recognise our interconnectedness. Our successes and failures are not solitary pursuits but are invariably intertwined with the efforts of others around us. Taking time to identify and show gratitude to individuals who operate backstage, away from the glare of public acknowledgment, is a very easy and powerful action. Everyone likes to be recognised and appreciated for what they do.

Thanks for reading!

General Manager – Recruitment

Ben is General Manager – Recruitment at Optimum Consulting Group, an Australian employment advisory firm.  He has been actively recruiting and managing teams for over twenty years, with industry experience gained in Australia, Canada and Ireland. 

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