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As we move at pace into the different generations of technology and dive into the world of AI, there are recruitment basics that a recruiter should always follow and abide by.

Relationships with our candidates are not direct these days, but indirectly done electronically and sometimes candidates are even submitted to the clients without their knowledge and consent. Many a time, I come across a candidate I want to phone screen, so I’m able to tick off the basics and organise a face-to-face or virtual meeting with them to have an in-depth conversation about their skills and suitability for the role.

After spending a good hour in total (sometimes even more), after ensuring I was doing my job well for both my client and my candidate, I learned from the client that the candidate had already been put forward to them a week ago.

So, when I picked up the phone with my candidate and checked on why they failed to inform me, to my disappointment, I learned they had not provided consent to anyone else for this role. Candidate care and experience are dropping faster than we think, and we, recruiters need to pause and think to make sure we are doing our jobs to ensure we are not taking shortcuts to get a quick fee.

how to elevate job interview into a great connection with the applicant

Ghosting candidates who have taken the time and effort to prepare for the interviews both with us and the clients, deserve a response and constructive feedback.

We are all busy and guilty of delaying returning a call or updating a candidate on their unsuccessful job interview, but ignoring the fact that they need to be called, should never be an option.

It is very important to close the loop with the candidate, that should be a non-negotiable. We are in the business of people, and it comes down to the basics of relationship building, and creating a great candidate experience, irrespective of whether they secure the role we are recruiting for or not.

In conclusion, we can certainly use technology to help us with many other areas of recruitment, but candidate experience and communication throughout the hiring process should always be at the top of the list of things to do.

Divisional Manager, IT & Digital

Having started her career in IT as a Web Developer, Nehal quickly realised that she was missing people interaction and wanted to combine her passion for IT along with her passion for meeting new people from different walks of life. She transitioned her career and became an IT Recruiter in 2002 and after 21 years of Tech Recruitment, Nehal still enjoys the ebb and flow this industry brings. Having recruited in New Zealand for 18 years working both agency side and inhouse, she has recently migrated to Brisbane and is looking to continue building her network. Nehal holds a Masters in Commerce degree in Human Resource Management. She joined Optimum Consulting in October 2023 as Divisional Manager – IT & Digital and is responsible for overseeing a great team of recruiters and to grow the Optimum tech recruitment business across Australia.

Need help in IT and digital recruitment in Brisbane, Australia? Looking for job opportunities in IT and digital industry? Contact Nehal Shah today at email: or 07 3228 8452 and 0417 053 161.

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