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mental health

Mental Wealth: The Key to Successful Recruitment

In today’s fast paced and competitive world, organisations are increasingly realising the importance of mental health in the workplace.  As the focus on employee wellbeing grows, it becomes crucial to prioritise mental wealth during the recruitment process. In this blog, we will explore the significance of mental wealth in recruitment and how it can contribute

cultural fit

The Importance of Assessing Cultural Fit

Assessing cultural fit during the hiring process is becoming increasingly important for organisations. It is the number one thing that our clients ask us when we are recruiting on their behalf. Yes, skills are important but if they do not fit their Company Culture it can be downhill from here.  By this I mean cultural

summer recruitment

How To Find Recruiting Success During The Summer Season

The end of the year can sure have its excitements.  It has been a busy year for most and generally this time of the year means a well-earned break, with time to rest, relax and reflect, spending much needed time with family and friends isn’t too far away. For us in the recruitment trade, however,

different types of interview style

Different Types of Interview Styles

When going into an interview it can be daunting not knowing what questions they will ask, what energy they will bring, or what style of interview it will be. There are a variety of interview styles that each recruiter/hiring manager will use depending on their own personality, and the specific role. So here is a

skills shortage in Australia

The skills shortage certainly remains but could it be fixed this week?

Sadly, I don’t think so (but we’ll get to that). This week is a good week, bringing the much welcomed first day of Spring and the wonderful change in season. Whilst I’m sure it will still be cold in Canberra there will be some heat with Labor’s Jobs and Skills Summit. The two-day event starts on Thursday

workplace performance

Creating Optimum Workplace Performance

All organisations want their teams to be productive by adopting a cycle of success through good habits. The people you employ are your top resource to build your business towards favourable outcomes. While this may look different in the wake of COVID, the right strategies will impact your work performance drumbeat. At Optimum Consulting, we

resilience in the workplace

A Resilient Workplace Reaps Rewards

It is no question that the Australian job market is experiencing very interesting times with almost full employment, with nearly everyone willing and able to work being in a position already. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics release, there are 480,100 job vacancies in Australia, a 111.1% increase since February 2020. In June,

how to be employable

A Recruiter’s Insight On How To Become More Employable

Since 2003, Optimum has been working with businesses throughout Australia and internationally, for almost 20 years.   Our team of highly experienced people professionals, provide end to end recruitment and HR consulting services.   In the last year, we helped 591 people into suitable employment and as we continue to develop those relationships, many of our candidates

Find Great Candidates With These IT Recruitment Tips

IT Recruitment Tips – Garnering talented IT professionals’ interest, can sometimes be a discouraging task. Finding the right candidates for any position requires patience and a direct, carefully planned approach. This challenge is intensified when looking for specialised candidates such as those that work in IT.  As nearly every industry worldwide has been forced to