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resilience in the workplace

A Resilient Workplace Reaps Rewards

It is no question that the Australian job market is experiencing very interesting times with almost full employment, with nearly everyone willing and able to work being in a position already. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics release, there are 480,100 job vacancies in Australia, a 111.1% increase since February 2020. In June,

how to be employable

A Recruiter’s Insight On How To Become More Employable

Since 2003, Optimum has been working with businesses throughout Australia and internationally, for almost 20 years.   Our team of highly experienced people professionals, provide end to end recruitment and HR consulting services.   In the last year, we helped 591 people into suitable employment and as we continue to develop those relationships, many of our candidates

Find Great Candidates With These IT Recruitment Tips

IT Recruitment Tips – Garnering talented IT professionals’ interest, can sometimes be a discouraging task. Finding the right candidates for any position requires patience and a direct, carefully planned approach. This challenge is intensified when looking for specialised candidates such as those that work in IT.  As nearly every industry worldwide has been forced to

Are psychometric assessments really that important?

In short, heck yeah. Now more than ever. Psychometric assessments have often been underrated, undervalued and quite underestimated. The sheer power of insight they provide can steer an individual to an enhanced state of consciousness, to be truly self-aware and hopefully to harness the insight towards personal and professional development. The insight for an employer

How Recruiters Can Influence in a Candidate Shortage

How Recruiters Can Influence in a Candidate Shortage

Australia’s unemployment rate is less than 5%, which is great news for people looking for a job. However, it’s challenging for recruiters trying to find the best people for their clients. In a candidate-short market, most recruiters may need to attract ideal candidates who already have a job. But how do you influence them to

Retraining, Recruiting, and Re-hiring is Expensive; Here’s How To Keep Your Top Employees

Now more than ever businesses are faced with a major challenge of sustaining their skilled and valued employees.  In February this year, Australia recorded 423 000 job vacancies for the month, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which was 7% higher than in November 2021.  With these figures, employers need to be aware

Are You Losing Money As A Recruiter?

Prejudgements, biases and transference during our screening processes and interviews, pave the way toward leading questions, assumptions and ultimately – the likelihood of a replacement or a refund. Picture this – you receive an application for a data entry role from a lady in her 20’s, who lives 5 minutes away from the job. She

it's starting to feel like christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like…. The work Christmas party

There are plenty of excuses to get wild and celebrate during the working year – Easter, Australia Day, Tuesday afternoon – but none of these have the same magical charm as Christmas. There’s always a lovely, bubbling undercurrent of happiness during the last months of the year, with staff looking forward to time with their

3 key talent strategies to review in an ever-changing world.

At Optimum Consulting, our clients range from small entrepreneurial start-ups to large institutional clients which gives me a fascinating insight to the people challenges these businesses face. One thing that resonates with all at the moment is that there seems to be a trend to go back to a simpler way of doing things, and