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resume best practices

I’ve reviewed 7,861 CVs this year. Here’s what the best CVs do.

Most jobs now are getting over 100 applicants in their first week. When you apply, your CV joins a pile. If you aren’t using a recruiter, a hiring manager will likely spend a couple of hours cutting that list down to a shortlist. Spelling error? You’re gone. Generic blurb about vague career aspirations? See you later.

employee engagement decrease

Employee Engagement on the decrease?

It is Employee Engagement season here at Optimum Consulting and 2024 is proving to be an interesting year!  In my opinion, we are entering the first fully normalised period since the Covid pandemic, and the balance of employee expectations and employer expectations is certainly evident. Coming from an employee-led market with record low unemployment levels

recruitment 101

Recruitment 101: Important Things That Recruiters Need To Know

As we move at pace into the different generations of technology and dive into the world of AI, there are recruitment basics that a recruiter should always follow and abide by. Relationships with our candidates are not direct these days, but indirectly done electronically and sometimes candidates are even submitted to the clients without their

It’s that time of year again – End of Financial Year

It’s that time of year again – End of Financial Year

End of financial year is fast approaching. Don’t we all love tax time! While accountants are focussing on getting the books in order, it is important for organisations look at their HR practices as these play a critical role in setting the business up for success in the new financial year. What exactly should organisations

Hiring recently migrated talent

Transferable Skills – Hiring recently migrated talent!

How many times have I heard that organisations want to hire new employees who must have local experience. Well, sadly too many! Personally, I think that it is absolutely OK to consider and hire newly migrated talent, depending on the requirements of the role. While there are roles that sometimes absolutely need to have local

The Importance of Planning for both Recruiters and Job Seekers

The Importance of Planning for both Recruiters and Job Seekers

If you look back at your success in life, it rarely happens by chance, but rather as the result of intentional actions and good planning. Maybe mum was right when she used to tell me failing to plan is planning to fail before each of my exam blocks at school. Let’s explore why planning is

mental health

Mental Wealth: The Key to Successful Recruitment

In today’s fast paced and competitive world, organisations are increasingly realising the importance of mental health in the workplace.  As the focus on employee wellbeing grows, it becomes crucial to prioritise mental wealth during the recruitment process. In this blog, we will explore the significance of mental wealth in recruitment and how it can contribute

cultural fit

The Importance of Assessing Cultural Fit

Assessing cultural fit during the hiring process is becoming increasingly important for organisations. It is the number one thing that our clients ask us when we are recruiting on their behalf. Yes, skills are important but if they do not fit their Company Culture it can be downhill from here.  By this I mean cultural

summer recruitment

How To Find Recruiting Success During The Summer Season

The end of the year can sure have its excitements.  It has been a busy year for most and generally this time of the year means a well-earned break, with time to rest, relax and reflect, spending much needed time with family and friends isn’t too far away. For us in the recruitment trade, however,