Alignment – Do You And Your Boss Want Similar Things?

What your boss wants Believe it or not, your boss probably cares about you quite a bit.  Not only about your work output, but about you as a person.  Many of them are not very good at showing it, but speaking to managers on a daily basis, I’m constantly reminded that managers generally want their

Aligning A Champion Workforce

In the current business climate it’s no secret that to remain competitive organisations need to make the most of what they have.  When pressure gets applied, it is often not enough to simply throw more resources at the issue, especially when those resources may not be available.  Asking people to work harder can also be

How Has Work Changed?

Over this Christmas break, I had the good fortune to recharge the batteries and spend some time with my family. I have to admit that I was really holding out for the break this year; by the end of 2014 I was getting a bit tired and grumpy so the break truly was a God