Is Paranoia A Prerequisite For Success?

Paranoia can be defined as a thought process often caused by fear or anxiety why a person distorts or creates a delusional existence. Paranoid people can often believe that people are “out to get them” and struggle to trust or empower other team members and people around them. Extreme levels of paranoia can see people

Have We All Decided to Just “Get On With It”?

It is interesting that in today’s world, which is littered with so much condemnation of our politicians, their ineptitude when it comes to steering the economy, more importantly, their vandalism of our once great position as the world’s “energy superpower”, and the litany goes on, we are still in relatively good shape when it comes

What Makes A Champion Team?

I am a proud Australian. I am a very proud New South Welshman. That is what makes this blog so difficult for me to write. Today I am writing about the two best sporting teams that I have ever seen and highlight what makes them great. These teams are the New Zealand All Blacks rugby

The Coffee Machine Principle!

Yes – this may be a weird title for a blog but I have been observing some behaviours focused on the Coffee machine in our office. Now here are some observations – 80% of the team use the coffee machine on a daily basis, some are strictly 1-a- day people, others have an addiction! There

Working with technology – Better get used to it

The iPhone was launched ten years ago this month and it, along with its siblings (like the iPad I’m writing this article on) and its various competitors, have changed the way we work and live.  If you told me when I started my career in the employment sector back in the days when we faxed