Is It Time To Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Is your comfort zone at work holding you back? Is it time to break out and move forward? What better time to consider this than the start of the new Financial Year – Roll on 2015/2016. We all have up and down days but being stuck in a rut is no fun. It can be

Flexibility: What Does It Mean And How Is It Applied?

Workplace flexibility was a buzz phrase in the 1980’s as the concept of micro economic reform was implemented by governments of both persuasions. Strictly speaking workplace flexibility is about both the employees and employers agreeing to change when (hours of work), where (location) and how (manner) an employee works to achieve both individual and company

It’s Budget Time – Don’t You Just Want To Scream?

With the Australian financial year drawing to a close, it is time to prepare the budgets for the year ahead.  This is the time when the finance department, operations and executive management battle it out to lock down a set of numbers that will set the platform for the organisations performance over the next year.

The Ultimate Business Health Check

There are many guides and measures as to the health of a business. Financial performance, balance sheet strength and customer sentiment are three of the most common indicators that are measured by businesses in order to assess their ‘health’. However, sometimes certain situations bring other criteria to the fore where your business is exposed to