The Online Recruitment World and Consulting

Today in the year 2012 , society is developing and evolving faster than ever before and unless you have been under a rock would know this has been largely due to the growing presence and usage of online media. I remember back in 2006 whilst travelling around the world , I met with fellow travellers

The Rise of the Guru: A Road to False Hope?

This weekend, I was lying on a bed in a small coastal NSW village and doing some channel surfing when I came across an interesting documentary. The documentary was titled “Guru Greg” and it referred to Greg Chappell’s ill fated time as coach of the Indian cricket team. It was narrated and produced by John

When did LinkedIn turn sleazy?

So when did LinkedIn turn sleazy? It would appear in the last 12 months. I’ve been building my network on LinkedIn for the last 3 years and being a Recruitment Consultant I use it daily as a recruitment tool. I follow companies, post jobs, search for high calibre candidates and to pick up men. The

The difference between Gold and Silver

The London 2012 Olympic Games is only 44 days away. It will be a massive international event watched by people all around the globe ready to see their heroes compete for the ultimate prize… the Olympic Gold Medal. The Olympics will involve over 11 000 athletes from over 200 nations, but there are only 300

Hollow Promises to Avoid

Recently, I had a meeting with my senior management team where the newest member of the group asked me what our mission statement was. The other three (intelligent) members of the group sat in “stoney” silence before I tried to cobble something together about working with selected clients and candidates to create solutions. It sounded

A Cold Approach

Campbell Newman’s freeze on government is definitely a hot topic and working in Recruitment we are certainly seeing its effects. Applications to advertisements are increasingly consisting of government employees and candidates are calling from their current government position with fears of unemployment. Family and friends of those working in the public sector are seeing its