Managing – The Carrot or the Stick?

As I write this I’m observing my son’s soccer training.  Some days I watch training in awe of the well oiled machines the coaches have developed and the fantastic skills on display. But not today! Today as I look across the fields, I can see five different teams all of whom have just started training. 

Reduce humans to numbers at your peril

Accountability is a funny thing, isn’t it?  Every leader wants it in their business and we expect it of our colleagues (even if some of us are a little light on it ourselves).  And in a world where fake news is now a thing, we certainly expect it of the media, of brands and of

The Art of Interview Preparation

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who are either ill-prepared or in fact not prepared at all for an interview. I am not speaking about a “knowledge of the job” or company they are interested in, but more presentation. Particularly senior executives who have placed little attention on the detail of