Attract, Engage, Retain, Develop

“A company is nothing without its staff, they are your greatest assets “ An engaged workforce encourages commitment, energy and productivity from all those involved to help improve company performance. Firstly, the importance of attracting the right staff is key, and in order for your organisation to be competitive and ensure your business goals are

The Recruitment Industry – Doing the same job, working so very differently

Recently I have started with Optimum Consulting as a graduate recruitment consultant, working through the graduate programme that Optimum provides.  This opportunity is a very exciting prospect for me, in that prior to my graduation from university, I had completed a six month internship within the recruitment sector for a different organisation.  When applying for

Some People Just “Get It”

As a person with a great deal of experience within the recruitment sector, I regularly get asked what makes a person hire somebody. What characteristics impress potential employers enough for them to hire applicants? My response is always the same; there are no set characteristics or specific competencies, I think that some people just “get