One eye on the future….

What will our workplace look like in 50 years? As I look around my current office space and I think about our team; 50% of whom are located remotely, based at home but connected to the business using technology I think we are adapting to the future of the workforce pretty well but… Where will

How to secure top talent in this hot market!

Since coming back from Christmas holidays in January 2017, there has been a noticeable difference in a number of roles we are recruiting for! It’s a wonderful position to be in and reminds me of the good old days of recruitment pre-GFC in 2009! There is certainly a lot more economic confidence and whilst there

Studying full time and working in the industry

As a future graduate, I always get asked the same questions…’What experience do you have?’ ‘When are you going to get a job?’ or ‘How are you going to get experience?’ The questions are asked by university lecturers, friends and future employers. The ‘interrogation’ happens so often it starts to overwhelm me about graduating. I

Contracts to stop job-hopping

A recurring comment that I hear in my job as an HR Consultant is around employees moving from one job to another and not showing any loyalty. Job-hopping. It seems that gone are the days of a job for life and beginning your career as a 17-year old cadet before retiring with the gold watch