The Right Feedback Is Better Than More Feedback

I was recently reading an article which reminded me just how important it is for leaders to understand the differences in people and how they process information. It was an article about two personality types described commonly as Introvert and Extrovert. These types are known to have unique ways of feeling re-energized and motivated. They

Fishing Is Not What I Signed Up For

I am not a fisherman and I don’t eat seafood.  In my opinion fish smell bad, taste bad and the hassle of getting them from the sea to the plate seems far too much of a smelly mess for this red meat eater.  So when a good mate gave my eldest son a fishing rod

Who Earns More? The Modern Day Breadwinner…

After a recent night out with the girls a very interesting subject was brought up, one that I found myself contemplating – Who are the new “Bread Winners”? Do you earn more than your partner? It was an interesting discussion and one that was fuelled by wine, so I was surprised to hear about what

“The Fish Rots From The Head”

This was the quote that I heard last week from former Australian cricket star Dean Jones, following the dramatic sacking of national coach Mickey Arthur. Now readers of my blogs will be well aware that I am a sports “junkie” – I watch nearly any sport from MMA to diving but cricket does hold a