Leaders – Let It Go!

Now you probably read the title of my blog and thought, “what does a song about an ice princess struggling to find her place in a world that fears her, got to do with Leadership?” Wrong reference, unfortunately (for you Disney fans). I started thinking about letting go, after watching a recent webinar hosted by

Successful Women In Business

It’s a brave new world for women in Australia. Not only is it possible for women to succeed in business and thrive in the corporate world, it’s a daily occurrence. Women all over the country are rising to the top of the food chain, without hesitation or apology. So, if you’re a woman feeling like

The Quarter Life Crisis…. Is It Real?

During a visit to my hometown Perth, I was excited to catch up with friends who I had not seen since our graduation ceremony. Not so ironically; over a smashed avo brunch, we shared laughs and tears about life post the mortarboard. But I was surprised to hear that my group of intelligent and high-achieving