Making The transition To Commerce

Over the past 24 months in particular and due to market demand from our clients, I have been working closely with a number of chartered accountants at all levels wanting to make the transition into commerce. I must say, I really enjoy this area and have experienced some very exciting and interesting conversations around career

The Inherent Goodness Of People

Most people are inherently good and want to do the right thing.  Sure there are people out there whose modus operandi is to agitate, disrupt or bring down others, but they are in the minority.  The vast majority of us want to do well and realise that working with others rather than against others will

When Simplicity Equals Productivity Equals Profitability

‘We need to improve our productivity’! This is a phrase that is becoming commonplace in boardrooms all around the world.  And rightly so.  After all, any organisation that stands still in the modern world is actually going backwards fast (the same could be said about individuals). The question therefore is not whether an organisation should look for

Goal Setting For The New Financial Year

I love this time of year. The close of a financial year and the start of a new one. So many ideas on what we did well and where we can improve for the New Year. The year has so much potential and can be as successful as we want it to be. It is