Post-holiday Blues….A Sign You’re in the Wrong Job?

Tired, bad mood, inability to concentrate, overwhelming feeling of ‘I can’t be bothered’….this could be symptomatic of a number of health issues but if you have recently returned from holiday, it is very likely to be symptoms of a problem commonly known as Post Holiday Blues. We’ve all been there; you book your annual leave

How Do You Bring Yourself to Work?

With the appointment of our new General Manager to the Perth office we have had several conversations where he has highlighted that “how you bring yourself to work” is important. It is important to bring energy and positivity because this will impact not only your work but your fellow team mates. He also highlighted the

More than meets the eye!

Did you know that you can outsource your payroll function to Optimum? Or that we run executive search campaigns? And did you know Optimum is able to provide a range of Human Resource Consulting services including performance management advice, salary benchmarking, panel interview representation, psychometric profiling and outplacement programs? And did you know we offer


Sweden has its enhanced parental rights, including generous maternity and paternity leave; Norway its £300 billion Pension Fund from oil; and Denmark has been able to lead the world in onshore wind technology. And what do they have in common? They are all small independent states. Independence will allow Scotland to take decisions in Scotland

Positive Mind and Attitude leads to Positive Outcomes

With the recent change of Government in Queensland there have been a lot of changes including the end of temporary contracts that will not be renewed. Some of these temporary employees have already finished their contract and there are many more to come; this will end up running into the thousands. Over the last couple

When it’s Appropriate to be Inappropriate at Work..

During my two years with Optimum, I have helped collate and prepare my fair share of recruitment tenders and one of the responses I frequently see is how we will consistently strive to find the ‘right’ employee for your company’s culture. But what defines a company culture? Is it the attitudes of the employees; the

How long should you stay in a job before you move on?

I get asked this question a lot by candidates that I meet and find it is sometimes hard to answer, I mean the Queen this year has celebrated her 60th year and most people are in awe of this; England has spent a month long celebrating this auspicious occasion. Here in Australia we recruit for

Renewing Your Passion For Work

2012 has been a pretty crappy year for me so far, but as I type this the calendar has just clicked over to July 1st and I have my fingers crossed for a better second half of the year. After miscarriages, a cancer diagnosis for a close family member and multiple deaths including the tragic