Communication Breakdown

I am really battling with how the word communication can be blamed for almost every business decision! From our direct experience with the data we see from our Business Intelligence tool  – EmployeeLife,  companies both large and small, geographically spread or with one centralised office;  communication is nearly always the number one outlier. How many

Want A New Job? 3 Tips To Make It Easier

Okay, so it’s time to find a new job.  You are ready for the next chapter in your career.  Your decision may have been coming for some time, or maybe you received a headhunt call out of the blue and you’ve decided to pursue a specific opportunity, or maybe your hand has been forced by

The Four Most Important Words I Have Ever Learnt

When I started my recruitment career many years ago with Recruitment Solutions, the world was very different. We did not have email. There was no such thing as Seek. Twitter was just a typo for those who were unable to spell twit. As for LinkedIn? Yes, the tools at the disposal for a young recruiter