Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

My Personal Trainer asked me the other day, “So, where do you see yourself in five years?” I honestly couldn’t answer him. It’s not something I have put a lot of thought into lately, however for people who know me quite well this would be a huge surprise given how planned and organised my life

Are There Any Positive Outcomes From Terrorism?

Earlier this month we paid tribute to the 10th anniversary of the Bali Bombings, claimed as the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia, killing 202 people. Even though I was not living in Australia at the time, I remember the news reports back in the UK and how it was a direct

A Business Lesson From Janela, The Coconut Lady

Warm weather, wind gently swirling through the coconut trees, blue skies, white sand and clear warm water – these are the images that send many into a distant daydream. For a few short months, it has been my reality. I have been in the North East of Brazil, Salvador. A lovely place, it is home

Cheats Never Prosper

This was a terrible weekend in world sport. In perhaps the biggest story to ever break, the USADA reports into the systematic doping programmes of Lance Armstrong and his US Postal cycling team were released. There is no bigger or more respected sports person in the world than Armstrong. Together with Tiger Woods and Roger

Are You Passionate?

I would like to start by asking the question – what does it mean to be passionate? Would you consider yourself to be a passionate person? Have you ever met people who are lacking passion? I firmly believe that passion is at the very core of everything we do. Combined with love, passion is what

Then and Now…..

Is this the toughest recruitment market I’ve seen? I’ve been asked this question a couple of times over the past month by senior candidates and my answer, is no. It is certainly not a rewarding time to be in recruitment when we are competing with a slowing economy, stronger internal recruitment teams and larger agencies

Motivation Will Almost Always Beat Mere Talent

She is beautiful, intelligent, very hard-working, and has been successful at everything she has ever set her mind to. She comes with the grit and determination that most employers would die for and… oh, did I mention she also has skills that puts her in the top echelon in her chosen field? Meet my partner