If feedback occurs in the forest….. did it really happen?

If feedback occurs in the forest but nobody receives it, did it really happen? Feedback.  It’s a word that can send shivers down the spine of many people.  In the constant stream of HR-related social media posts, there is no shortage of experts who have developed sure-fire methods of getting feedback right.   Some of the

Three Steps to Retaining Great Staff

A few years ago at the height of the mining boom, most people in the Recruitment and HR Consulting industry were banging on about there being a ‘War for Talent’, a phrase coined by consulting firm McKinsey in 1997.  We were all, of course, referring to the drastic shortage of skilled, relevant ‘talent’ in the

Fostering An Organisational Learning Culture

Organisations are seen to “learn” through their individual members – employees acquiring new information, or employees joining the organisation bringing with them new knowledge. The challenge for Learning and Development (L&D) teams is to therefore understand (a) how to efficiently capture the new knowledge being brought into the organisation, (b) how to foster a high

Who Will Become The Most Powerful Person In The World?

Four years ago I wrote a blog about the presidential election in the USA evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the two protagonists. That election ebbed and flowed before President Obama pulled away from Governor Romney in the final fortnight of the campaign and won decisively. It could be argued that Governor Romney never fully

Right People In The Right Jobs!

As a GM one of my aims is to get everyone in my team motivated to achieve goals and make sure all my team are happy, clear about their objectives and know the role they play in the organisation. Although this sounds easy, I am continually finding and hearing from our clients that a lot