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The Exercise Effect

It’s no news to anyone reading this that fitness and exercise are directly related to productivity and mental health, but after 2020 changed absolutely everyone’s plans in one way or another and left almost all of us under different levels of increased pressure, it’s important to be reminded of the little things that can make

The Tell-Tale Signs of a Burnout at Work and How to Cope

Burnout can affect workplace productivity and the health and wellbeing of people as individuals. Don’t let this silent assassin impact you or your team. Learn to recognise some common signs of burnout and how to prevent it from happening. This year especially, it has become more apparent that advancements of technology in the workplace and

Should you tag your staff in things on Facebook?

Before I get into my blog, I thought I would point out that although this particular example is about tagging staff in a post on Facebook, there are a whole raft of social media platforms that this would apply to. As I am not an avid user of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or many other platforms,

Are you spreading yourself too thin?

Do you start early and finish late? Are you the kind of person that always says yes to more work? Do you feel like you’re at a breaking point? If so, you could be at risk of burnout. But what is burnout? Well since you asked, burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental

The Daunting Gap Between Learning & Earning

Recent graduates looking to make the transition from learning to earning are faced with a daunting task.  Ritchie Tabor, a recent graduate who has been working with Optimum Consulting over the last year (and as a student intermittently before that), gave an insightful  account of this challenge from the graduate’s perspective in an Oblog earlier

Australia and PPP’s – What’s does the future hold for Infrastructure Projects?

Firstly, let me say I am by no means an expert in this field, rather someone who has been exposed to PPP’s (Public Private Partnerships) as an observer through contacts in the Corporate Advisory and Infrastructure space for some time now. Being based in Brisbane and having seen a number of changes in the Queensland

The Right Feedback Is Better Than More Feedback

I was recently reading an article which reminded me just how important it is for leaders to understand the differences in people and how they process information. It was an article about two personality types described commonly as Introvert and Extrovert. These types are known to have unique ways of feeling re-energized and motivated. They

Who Earns More? The Modern Day Breadwinner…

After a recent night out with the girls a very interesting subject was brought up, one that I found myself contemplating – Who are the new “Bread Winners”? Do you earn more than your partner? It was an interesting discussion and one that was fuelled by wine, so I was surprised to hear about what

Attract, Engage, Retain, Develop

“A company is nothing without its staff, they are your greatest assets “ An engaged workforce encourages commitment, energy and productivity from all those involved to help improve company performance. Firstly, the importance of attracting the right staff is key, and in order for your organisation to be competitive and ensure your business goals are