Who Is Your Real Competition?

Many businesses spend considerable time focusing on where they are placed in their specific market or markets. Market driven analytics is an industry in itself and businesses regularly like to know where they are placed against their competition. Benchmarking this is important and knowing where and what to improve becomes a key business objective in

The Killer Employee Survey

Many organisations are already conducting Employee Surveys every 12-24 months in order to gain feedback from Employees.  They are commonly referred to as Engagement or Culture surveys, and are often relatively lengthy. When used correctly, they can be great.   With incorrect use, they can send an organisation into a tail-spin even Maverick (think Top Gun)

Performance – measure and manage… measure and manage… measure and manage…

Metrics are great.  As a manager they allow you to keep a focus on how your business is performing.  The lengths to which some companies measure performance is astounding.  There are a range of hard metrics available to managers today including elaborate financial reports and dashboards (covering revenue, gross margin, profit etc), human resource statistics

The Importance Of Staying Relevant

At Christmas time every year we hold an Optimum staff party and enjoy a night of drinks, team achievements, dinner and dancing – partners included. Just before the clock struck 12 at our event last year, we decided to head off and hopefully catch a pumpkin (yellow cab) home. One hour, three phone calls, a